The Master said, "There are only the wise of the highest class, and the stupid of the lowest class, who cannot be changed."
[The Analects of Confucius, 17.3]


How can an enterprise deal with the change that parts of the key personnel will retire soon? What should a chip designer do if the customer sends change requests again and again? How can a bank institute keep the risks low in case of an outsourced service that is not performing as expected?

The research on business information systems investigates such issues. Obviously, information systems are involved in the solutions today. Our research group "Wirtschaftsinformatik" adopts the principles of adaptivity and change in the areas of agile workflow management, business process management, case-based reasoning, cloud computing, and knowledge management. We develop and evaluate new methods and systems driven by questions like "How can we technically support flexible business processes that deviate from the standard process?", "How can experience and knowledge of the users be reused?", "How can resources be shared in order to save energy and efforts?"

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Prof. Dr. Mirjam Minor